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Adding a Battery to the XB-500

The first and easiest modification I did to my bike was to add an additional 12 volt battery. I located the battery in the storage space under the seat. The modification was made easy by the fact that the connection to the normal battery is made through a connector which is very common on computer equipment. Buying the necessary connectors was therefore very easy. Here is a link to get you to the Power Cord that I ordered.

14 Gage Power Cord ExtensionThis is a 1 foot power cord extension. I ordered the thickest one I could find, which consists of a male and a female computer power connector joined together by 1 foot of 14 gage wire. I stripped about 3 inches of the outer jacket from the cord at the center.

I then plugged the proper end of the cord into the battery, and with a voltmeter, and a couple of fine needles to probe through the wire insulation, I identified which wire connected to the positive end of the battery pack. I cut that wire, and then added a 2 1/2 foot section of black 12 gage wire to the wire end connected to the battery pack, and a 2 1/2 foot section of red 12 gage wire to the other end of the wire.

Then I took the seat and luggage compartment off the bike, giving me access to the area underneath the storage compartment, and above the normal battery connector. Battery Extension Cable mounting

I used ty-wraps to secure the extension cable so that one end of it could be connected to the battery pack, and the other end connected to the power cord which normally connects to the battery pack. Then I drilled two small holes near the top of the front of the storage compartment so I could push the black and red wires through when I re-installed the seat.Wires brought through to storage compartment

The rest of the mod was easy. I just put spade connectors on the ends of the two wires, and connected the positive lead of my added battery to the red wire, and the negative lead to the black wire. I now have a 60 volt system. To charge the 48 volt scooter battery, I disconnect the extension from the battery, and plug my 48 volt charger directly into the battery case. To charge the 12 volt battery under the seat, I simply open the seat conpartment, and connect a 12 volt, 2 amp charger from Wal-Mart to that battery.

Here is a schematic of  my modification.schematic