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Environmental Facts about the XB-500 Electric Bike

The following is just the beginning of the data that I have been collecting about electric bikes. All of these statements have been confirmed, either by research, mathematical calculation, or actual experimentation.

  • Six X-Treme XB-500 electric bikes can be easily parked in one normal size parking space.
  • One compact sedan (the one I own) weighs as much as 32 X-Treme XB-500 electric bikes. If the car's tank is full, it weighs 33 times as much.
  • Wear and tear on the roadway is proportional to vehicle weight, and also to the square of the vehicle speed. It would take 9 years for one X-Treme XB-500 electric bike to inflict as much damage on the roadway as one Hummer H2 does in one day.
  • Leaving your front porch light on overnight uses enough electricity to drive 16 miles on an XB-500 bike.
  • If you pick your child up from school in an SUV, on average, you will waste enough energy idling at stop lights to fully charge your XB-500, even if there are only two traffic lights on your route.

Take heart in knowing that your choice of transportation has a huge inpact on not only your pocketbook and the environment, but also on the community in which you live. You are saving yourself and the taxpayers a tremendous amount of money on infrastructure. By taking up less space, you decrease the congestion on the roadways. You produce much less noise than the automobile.

As you drive along, when someone honks at you, raise your hand and (safely) wave at them with a smile. Promote yourself as an ambassador to a cleaner, healthier way of commuting. Eventually, you will make a difference in the way motorists think of us.